Our foundational principle is based upon unity, community, and a love for the neighborhood gathering ground.

In 2007, Bloc opened its doors to a vibrant Union Square business community.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide our customers with excellent food and coffee in a fun, energetic environment.

We strive for friendly, intentional and knowledgeable service that provides our customers with a consistent experience each time. We are committed to serving high quality products while creating a dynamic, community oriented atmosphere for our staff and clientele. Our dedication to community extends past our local environment and insists that we recycle, reuse, and minimize waste as much as possible.



Tucker was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. She went to UMASS Amherst and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Tucker loves all things Cambridge and Somerville, having been a lifelong resident and member of the community. Growing up and living in Cambridge has also influenced the businesses to be locally focused and involved with various community organizations.

Her love of art and building objects heavily shapes the aesthetic of the stores.  She has built cabinetry, tables, shelves, counters, and countless other items for all of our shops. Most often, she can be found either in her office scouring over numbers in Quickbooks, building something in the wood shop or eating ice cream and m&m’s for breakfast. She is happily married to Melissa and they have two kids and a dog named Ounce.

Coffee Beans



Jennifer was born in Northern California and spent the early half of her life living and growing up in Japan. While she has spent the last 25 years in Massachusetts, she attributes a great deal of her love for food, service and work philosophy to her Japanese roots.

Prior to opening Diesel, Jennifer had only had a handful of jobs which included selling high end comfort shoes, cleaning the Harvard dormitory bathrooms, and scooping ice cream. It was her love for ice cream, even on a winter night, that brought the two owners together. Currently, Jennifer focuses her time at work growing the businesses long term, developing staff, thinking about food and tasting food and drinks. Jennifer also has two young kids and a partner who help keep her focused on the important things: have fun, listen to music, and work hard. She is an avid runner, bike enthusiast and loves most things that involve moving…those who know her know she doesn’t sit still for long. She has run four marathons (Boston, New York, and Chicago) and now enjoys competing in local half marathons, 10K’s and trail races.



Chief Executive Officer

Initially born in Las Vegas, sandwiched between mountains and casinos, Court decided it was time to move to Somerville in 2013. A few days after moving, they started working as a counter worker at Diesel to see what the cafe business was all about. Throughout college they spent many nights studying in cafes in Boulder, Colorado, and thought it was time to give back. It didn’t take long for Court to fall in love with this industry and see where it could take them. Growing from barista to general manager, to CEO (with a few extra steps in between), they realized this was the space for them.

Court was also drawn to the mission and values this company brings. DBF is a leader in our community and industry, focusing on a compassionate employee concentrated workspace which they wanted to help build on.

When not at DBF, Court can be found either eating good food or tromping outside. Let it be coaching Ultimate Frisbee, climbing, or getting lost in the woods, there is not much more that brings them joy than some fresh air and a few sun rays.

When they are not at Forge, Court can be found outside. Let it be coaching the Women’s Harvard Ultimate team, playing Ultimate for the Boston club team Brute Squad or heading to the mountains. There is not much more that brings them joy than some fresh air and a few sun rays.


General Manager


Dave sitting in driver's seat of truck, smiling and looking out the window.

Area Operations Manager

Originally from Gloucester, MA, he’s been in the coffee industry since 2003. Dave has worked to open, design and manage multiple coffee shops in Nashville, TN and in the North Shore. He’s a cat and plant whisperer, and knows how to transform a space into a place people want to gather. In his free time, he produces his own music and loves to go snowboarding. He has also been known to pull a tarot card or two.