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We like to feature work from local creatives such as artists, poets, illustrators, and the like.

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October 15, 2019 – January 15, 2020

John Haiduk is a Mechanical Engineer from New Jersey, currently living in Arlington, MA. The pieces that make up his portfolio are drawings and paintings that demonstrate Abstract Expressionism. He is an untrained artist who found his start with in-class technical doodles, which later developed into his brand of ‘scribbles’ – paintings soon followed. Ongoing projects of John’s include transitioning into larger works, with various media/types of paint, and collaborating as a writer on a fiction-based project.

Show Description: Scribbles & Action-painting

This collection of ‘Scribbles’ has been developed over the course of a year, while slowly transitioning from small to large scale pieces. With ballpoint pen ink making up the majority of the works, every mark is permanent from start to finish. No foresight or planning goes into the process, which allows for intuitive compositions to unfold.

The 14”x17” pieces on display are the most recent, while the 5”x7” collection is from late 2018.


Inspiration for all works on canvas, as well as some on watercolor paper, come from the desire to work with color in an equally spontaneous style. During a single session, several pieces are developed simultaneously. Embracing a minimalistic style, no brushes or palettes are used. Paint is either applied by hand or by directly transferring the paint from the surface of other pieces. In parallel to the drawing process, no subject matter is planned out beforehand, leaving room for subconscious creation.