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We like to feature work from local creatives such as artists, poets, illustrators, and the like.

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August 8, 2021 – December 1, 2021

Amy Chilton does not really know how to paint.
She usually works as a nurse, but that’s hard. She likes to relax by painting tiny, bright shapes and drinking a beer. All of these paintings were first sketched with a pencil and ruler and then painted without the aid of painter’s tape.

Amy is currently close to finishing her first mural in Turners Falls at Nova Motorcycles and you should go check it out! She is a long-time resident of Somerville and loves mountain biking and roller skating for funzies.

Amy is available to discuss mural work and commissions at amy@amychilton.com.

Instagram: @amychiltonart

Website: www.amychilton.com

Contact: amy@amychilton.com