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We like to feature work from local creatives such as artists, poets, illustrators, and the like.

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August 1, 2019 – November 1, 2019

Josh Reisz is an artist currently living in Newton, MA. His work as an illustrator comes from a curiosity and exploration of anthropology, comics, and various fiction and non-fiction books. He is a traditional artist who works with new media (digital) skills to create a variety of work for galleries, comic cons, restaurant menus, public works, murals, and more. He currently is at work on an art book about ramen that collects various pieces of original work by artist he brought together from around the nation.

Show Description: Structured Clutter

“Structured Clutter” is a collection of works layering depth, form, and color into a compressed image allowing the piece to take on different forms and reveals interlaced images that are playful for the viewer.

The “Structure Clutter” is made of three main collections and an old original large illustration piece. The first is a series of designed plates. The second is a collaboration with Chicago based artist Jeff Pak. The third is the Lines; the journey to become abstract line illustrations and prints for Comic Cons. This section will show the illustrations and the journey they take in becoming finished print pieces. The last thing I will share is an old 4’ by 3’ piece called Processing.